Directory of Members

An alphabetical listing of members is published every two years to facilitate communication among colleagues in the counseling profession.  Personal contact information for every member is provided, as well as a staff directory for each elementary, middle, and high school counseling office and college admission office in the tri-county area.

Outstanding Professional Development

At least four times yearly, WPRCA presents relevant and provocative meetings open to both members and non-members.  The varied programs are designed to stimulate thinking on current professional issues, keep professionals informed of the latest developments in the field, and improve professional skills as counselors.


The Legislative Committee keeps members up to date on the latest legislation affecting the counseling profession by summarizing current bills through the newsletter and interacting with legislators on the behalf of counselors.

WPRCA Listserv

A new initiative, much like the NYSSCA listserv, which will allow WPRCA members the opportunity to dialogue with other members for resources, peer supervision, exchange of ideas, etc.  We need a listmaster.  Please go to the contact page to volunteer.  Thanks!

Professional Support

An important aspect of WPRCA is to provide professional support and camaraderie in a spirit of friendship and mutual sharing.

WPRCA members have an abundance of professional talent which is a tremendous resource from which to draw for new ideas and help in our efforts to provide service.  WPRCA meetings and other professional gatherings provide an excellent vehicle for establishing contacts and exchanging ideas.  In short, being an active member of WPRCA is a professional responsibility and an excellent opportunity for professional growth and discourse.